Exploring Dolomites

September, 2018

Italian Dolomites Landscapes

Landscape photos from mountain ranges and regions including Tre Cime, Alpe Di Siusi, Val Di Funes and others

This is my favorite photo trom the Cadini di Misurina on italian dolomites. The sunrise at this point is simply incredible whem is mixed with great light, clarity and clouds. After one hour of hiking, chased by the time to get the blue hour and the first light of sunrise i needed to find this mythical point where all thoughts are gone, only the perfect view that teleport me directly in a different world, the world of calmness and tranquility. Cadini di Misurina are mabye the most powerful place on Earth and after corona’s death i ll go there again. There are so many things that i need to do.

Tre Cime di Laveredo seen from the south side during the road to Cadini di Misurina which are behind me. A point that human cant resist, a point that even turning round and round you ll be surrounded by beautines, a point from which it is confusing which scene to shoot first. I love this point when you enjoy the life at 2500m with all natural drama around me, clouds rocks peaks mist sun flowers, all elements of the nature.