Landscape photography - Nikon Z7II - Vlatko Rafeski Photography

The ongoing collaboration with Nikon Macedonia lasts already 7 years. This video was made as a small part of my mountain adventures and shows a small portion of my landscape photography. The video was taken with the new Nikon Z7II in support of Nikon Macedonia, drones and all of the featured photos were taken with Nikon equipment.

SunwayFoto Tripod Presentation

SunwayFoto has been supporting me with their equipment for 2 years. The video above is a presentation about one of the many products that I use during my photography sessions.
For more info about their products visit their official channels:
FB: SunwayFoto
IG: SunwayFoto

Nikon Photography-Landscape adventures

Nikon adventures during the winter season on Shar Mountaions

SunwayFoto Carbon Fiber Tripods

Presentation regarding a couple of generations of SunwayFoto carbon-fiber tripods and other accessories which are important for my landscape photography

Interview for Sitel TV